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Pain And Muscle Construction

Pain and muscle building.

The majority of people think that when they end up with their enormously aching muscles, they have done things well, they have had ideal training, and for that reason, they have promoted muscle development correctly.

Is that true?

Frankly, it is not true; although the sore muscles can make you feel that you have put all your effort, does not muscle buildingnecessarily mean that you have stimulated muscle growth to a greater extent. Running while lowering a hill is an excellent way to cause muscle pain and pain, but that will not necessarily mean you get bigger muscles.

So, what is the reason for muscle pain?  When you train hard, or when you perform an activity that you had not done before, the body responds with inflammation, it is your default defense mechanism, the same happens if, for example, you cut off a finger, it would inflame and hurt.

Inflammation is the way your body responds to wounds and is part of the recovery process, increasing the production of immune cells. These cells produce substances that cause specific nerve endings to become more sensitive.

So that kind and placid pain that you feel from time to time make not necessarily mean that you have stimulated compound exercisesmuscle growth to a greater extent.

Although many people use muscle pain as an indicator of recovery and believe that when it disappears is because healing has already occurred entirely, you can see that it is not necessarily so, the lack of pain does not tell you if the muscle damage has been or not repaired.

As an interesting point, some exercises can cause more pain than others, especially when they integrate some stretch such as chest flights, the Roman dead lift or the pullover.

In conclusion, muscle pain tells us that you did something that perhaps your body is not yet used to, or that you performed exercises that cause more pain than others. The fact that you are not sore does not mean that your muscles are not growing, nor does being pain mean necessarily means faster growth.

Feeling sore and fatigued can make you feel good, but it’s not a replacement for a quick workout.

Focus on the compound exercises

To build muscle efficiently you need to generate stimulation strong enough to demand an adaptation by your body, and compound exercises are your best ally to achieve it.

Compound exercises are much more efficient than those of isolation in terms of the ratio of time spent vs. benefits, this is because they work a more significant amount of muscle mass, produce more significant hormonal changes, burn more calories, and are perfect to use them as Progressive load reference (allow greater weight increases more quickly).

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