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Stretching With Foam Roller: How To Relieve Muscle Pain

Do you feel a tension in your thighs and calves? Do you have pain in the neck and joints after training? Maybe yesterday’s practice was too intense, and now you have muscle aches or pain. To prevent or relieve this discomfort it is essential that you stretch. Relaxation and recovery are as necessary as training itself. The best way to relax the body is with a combination of stretching and exercises with the foam roller (also known as foam rolling in English). We have collected the most relevant information for you to take note.

What exactly is a foam roller?

Regular exercise with a foam roller relaxes, relaxes and restores the flexibility of the muscles. The best moments to make foam rolling is after training, in a slow and prolonged way. Focus on the following body parts:


Doing many squats and burpees can be very hard on the thighs. You can reduce tension by stretching the anterior, middle and posterior thigh muscles after training.

Lower Leg

The shins and calves also work a lot with workouts with one’s body. So do not forget them when you stretch.


A workout that exercises the whole body requires a stiff back and a stable core. One way to avoid back pain is to massage the muscles on a regular basis with a roller. But do not overdo it: make sure you do the massages slowly and carefully. When it starts to hurt is when you should stop.

Stretch and continue your fitness path!

Those who practice exercise know that stretching helps prevent muscle pain and allows muscles to recover after intense weight training. But we often skip this practice. Day to day can be very stressful, and it is possible that there is hardly time to stretch. That’s why it’s enough that you do 5-10 minutes of stretching after a workout. Limit each exercise to 30 seconds and do it in a slow and controlled manner. This way you will avoid muscle tension, and you can get out of bed the next day.

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