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Treadmill Vs Track: Which One Is Better For Running

960watch-trackWhat are the similarities and differences between running on a treadmill and running out on the track? Is one less difficult than the other? These are common questions and in spite of the conflicting opinions, most workout specialists claim that running on the treadmill and running outside on tracks is roughly the same if a few adjustments are made on the treadmill to gain similar conditions as those on the track. According to them, there are some types of workout you can perform better on the treadmill than outside. In this article, we are going to look at the potential advantages and disadvantages of treadmill running and track running then make a comprehensive summary of which between the two is better.

Physiological differences between running on a treadmill and running outside.

The most important goal of any workout is the physiological demand of various body parts. When it comes to physiological demands, then it turns out that running on the treadmill is easier compared to running outside. This is because of the lack of air or rather wind resistance. This makes your oxygen consumption at a given pace on the treadmill to be lower compared to when you are running outside on the track. Fortunately, this effect can be adjusted on the treadmill by increase the running belt angle of inclination. However, this may not be effective in achieving the actual ground terrain due to difference mechanical preference of the manufactures.

Treadmill vs TrackIs treadmill running easier or harder compared to track running?

Running on the treadmill is much easier compared to running outside on the track for a number of reasons. One is that the treadmill belt helps in leg turnover, making it easy to run faster compared to when you are running on the track. Most runners, therefore, find there speed on the treadmill to be very high compared to their pace on the tracks. Another reason is that the hardening of soft tissues that occurs when you run on the track does not happen on the treadmill because the base on the treadmill offers more comfort than the road. Also, there are no weather conditions to deal with when running on the treadmill which is often indoors.


Running on the treadmill depends entirely on the availability of power and in a situation where there is power blackout, then treadmill running may inconvenience your workout plan. Running on the track, on the other hand, depends on your muscle power hence can never let you down unless you are extremely tired.

In conclusion, the treadmill has many advantages such as beating the weather conditions on a bad day and ease of running. However, the advantages of running outside on tracks outweigh the treadmill because the overall goal of running is to get physically fit over a short period of time by working out your muscles extra hard, something that can only be achieved when running on tracks. I can, therefore, say conclusively that running on the track is much better than running on the treadmill.

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