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What Parts Of The Body Are Particularly Important?

The best thing about training with your own body is that it works all the muscles of the body: that is why it is so useful and is perfect for those who have little time. Since it trains the whole body, it is also essential that you stretch the muscles of the entire body. Focus primarily on the exercises for the legs, back, shoulders and neck. These parts are the ones that tend to suffer the most.

Relax the muscles with a foam roller

General information

Stretches strengthen and massage the muscles of the head to the feet.

In this exercise, the foam roller is used, which can be used to stretch, massage and strengthen the body. The start sequence focuses on movements of de-numbing of the muscles. Then you will practice balancing exercises on the foam roller.

What are your needs?

Before we can get anywhere with the selection process, you should find out what you plan to use the foam roller for.

This depends on a variety of factors:

  • Your level of knowledge (are you a beginner)?
  • A degree of intensity of massage (do you want a deep tissue massage or something light enough?)
  • The quantity of variability (some foam rollers allow you to do more exercises than others)
  • Price
  • Durability

Your level of knowledge

The reason this is important is that of the risk of injury. If you have never used a foam roller before, then choosing a very dense foam roller designed to give you a whole tissue massage can cause injuries and damage to the muscles.

I usually recommend new users to opt for a less dense foam roller to start, the hand before moving on to the more hard foam rollers. However, if you want to use the foam roller under the supervision of someone who is well informed, you can start with a dense foam roller, while this “expert” is to guide you on the way. The “softer” foam rollers tend to be EPE foam rollers, so if you are just starting out, an EPE foam roll would be a great place to start. If you have experience with foam rollers, then you can choose any foam roller.

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